1. The scientific research investment

The company on the basis of active introduction digestion absorption, adhere to the road of independent innovation, and strive to improve the technical level.

In the past three years, shandong orienthongye chemical co., ltd. has spent 62.35 million yuan, 64.14 million yuan and 77.09 million yuan respectively, accounting for 3.45%, 3.28% and 3.23% of the annual sales revenue, respectively. Continuous and high-intensity r&d investment has become one of the driving forces for the rapid and steady growth of the business performance of shandong orienthongye chemical co., LTD.

2. Scientific research strength

The company has about 73 full-time engineering and technical personnel, 51 full-time  personnel, including 1 doctor, 4 master students and 48 undergraduates.

At present, the company has become a set of basic research, technology development, engineering and product application development in the integration of the company, the specialized research and development institutions mainly including catalyst developed processing center, national engineering research center for rubber and tire sub-center, weifang, weifang engineering laboratory of polyolefin modified key laboratory of new materials, engineering technology research center, weifang weifang new polymerization material enterprise technology center, etc.

3. Industry-university-research cooperation

The company has always attached great importance to the research and development model of industry-university-research institute, and promoted the establishment of a research and development system with enterprises as the main body, scientific research institutes as the support, market orientation, product as the core, and industry-university-research institute combination.

Through commissioned research, cooperative research and other ways, the company will have strong technical strength of the relevant units into the company's research and development system.

At present, the company has established industry-university-research cooperation with many universities and research institutes, such as Chinese academy of sciences, Beijing university of chemical technology, Qingdao university of science and technology, China university of petroleum, and national rubber and tire engineering technology research center.



4. Scientific research achievements

At present, the company has developed 42 patented technologies, 11 invention patents, and presided over the drafting of a national standard.

The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights of C4 liquefied gas deep processing technology and polymerization of new materials technology.

The high performance polybutylene resin developed in 2014 fills the technical gap in China and is listed in the "863 torch support plan" of the ministry of science and technology.

Through the application of research and development results, the company is responsible for the completion of the "10,000-ton production capacity" task, namely the project of 50,000 tons/year high polyolefin special resin (high polybutene-1) project, with an investment of nearly 215 million yuan, to build a polybutene-1 production line, leading the technical development of polyolefin functional materials and modification technology industry.

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