Shandong orient hongye chemical co., LTD emphasizes the attention to human value in the production process and the contribution to the environment, consumers and society.

1. Honesty and courtesy.

Responsibility to ensure that the products are genuine.

2. Scientific development.

The enterprise's mission is to grow and make profits, and to increase tax revenue and national development.

Attach great importance to the development under the guidance of the scientific development concept of "five overall plans".

3. Sustainable development.

Change economic growth pattern, develop circular economy, adjust industrial structure.

We should respond to the call of the central committee, implement the strategy of "going global", and make good use of the two resources and two markets to ensure the safe operation of the economy.

Protect the environment.

Enterprises must assume the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining the harmony of nature.

5. Cultural construction.

Cultural construction can cultivate people's sentiment and improve their quality through leisure and entertainment.

6. Develop philanthropy.

For the sake of social development and the development of enterprises themselves, we should pay more attention to poverty alleviation and shoulder the responsibility of poverty alleviation.

7. Protect workers' health.

Human resources are the precious wealth of the society and the supporting force of enterprise development.

Guarantee the life and health of enterprise staff and workers and ensure their work and income treatment.

Develop science and technology.

Through scientific and technological innovation, reduce the consumption of coal, electricity, oil and transportation, and further improve enterprise efficiency.

We should attach great importance to the digestion and absorption of imported technologies and scientific and technological research and development, increase investment in capital and personnel, and strive to make innovation mainly based on enterprises.

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